Our Story

IMMY Technology Group started as the IT department for IMMY (founded in 1979), a biotechnology fungal diagnostics manufacturer based in Norman, Oklahoma. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, IMMY set up a subsidiary CLIA Laboratory called IMMYLabs to process Covid-19 PCR tests in March 2020. In support of this effort, IMMY’s IT department worked alongside IMMYLabs to create HIPAA compliant software solutions to make testing efficient. At the peak of testing, IMMYLabs processed over 6,400 PCR tests in a single day and digitally returned results to those patients in an average of 14 hours. IMMYLabs also used the vaccine functionality to administer 10,000 vaccines in a single location within a 12-hour period. This effort was made possible by the software and systems (eventually branded as Streamline)implemented by IMMY’s IT department (eventually IMMY Technology Group). In August of 2021, IMMY Technology Group, LLC was formed and commercially launched its new platform called Streamline.  The Streamline platform and services have been implemented for public and private organizations to digitally optimize the way they perform care.

Core Values

Be a Great Teammate

Seek the teams success above the individual. Be dependable to fulfill responsibilities. Have humility to admit when you can do better. Celebrate individuals when they stand out. Be easy to coach. Put in extra effort to make things happen. Always have each other's back. Do not cause drama or division. Give others the benefit of the doubt.

Put Yourself in the Customer's Shoes

How would I want to be treated if I were the customer? Remember our customers are why we have our jobs. We respond insanely fast to customers. Our business is to solve customer problems.

Be Excited by Challenges

Have the confidence to figure out anything. View adversity as an opportunity. We aren't afraid to try new things. Love to learn. When mistakes happen, respond and improve. Management will provide the support to be successful.

Core Purpose

We exist to improve lives with software.


Build technology solutions that make healthcare easier.